Saturday, February 8, 2014

I'm a dentist now.

Travelling to a foreign country was fun. 

You experience different weather conditions and get excited over the fact that you get to wear clothing that is not a cotton/chiffon top and shorts. You buy shawls upon scarves upon boots because there's a need to be fashionable even though you know you will never, EVER use them again when you come back to Malaysia.

You also eat life changing food and then suddenly, you puke a little in your mouth when your friends back home want to go to McDonalds. You start being obnoxious and say things like, OMG the yoghurt in Australia is soooo creamy it makes the youghurt we eat in Malaysia look like expired milk. 

Two days in you start talking with an accent. You'd think the locals would understand you better. You think you can pull it off but then you start talking in longer sentences and your accent slips and ends with a -LAH. 

And when you leave, your belongings magically expand and they never fit in the luggage the way they did when you arrived.

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